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#PlayItForward in Bangkok


#PlayItForward in Bangkok

Coaches Across Continent's (CAC) award-winning partnership with Chevrolet FC continues in 2015 under the banner #PlayItForward

After successful sport for social impact events last year in Indonesia, USA, and South Africa, the first CAC programme of 2015 lands in Bangkok, Thailand, working with local community partners and Chevrolet FC in implementing 'World Vision'.

One major element of our partnership with Chevrolet FC is to create sustainable impact which will allow local coaches, teachers, and leaders to use sport as an educational tool to tackle local issues. This is key, so that the beautiful facilities that Chevrolet FC are creating can be used as a venue for community development on a consistent basis.

Three CAC senior staff members (Nick, Sophie, and Brian) embraced the opportunity to work with coaches, teachers, and social workers invited by World Vision. For four long and extremely hot days we were able to work on many topics focused on Child Rights.

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Nicholas Gates


Monday, May 18, 2015 - 23:00