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The positive impacts of volunteering for local sports

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The positive impacts of volunteering for local sports

When we think of sports in Australia volunteers often don't come to mind but they are tremendously important to the Australian sports industry.

Smaller clubs and rural clubs, in particular, rely on the generous contributions of volunteers to keep the cost of sports accessible to the community. In many clubs passionate mums, dads and community members volunteer to provide services such as refereeing, coaching and medical assistance.

At SMG Technologies, in our work with sports organisations, we see the difference volunteers make across all sports in Australia.

James Grigson, SMG technologies’ Strength and Conditioning Specialist, has seen this first hand. Growing up in Perth and, later on, in rural Queensland, he participated in community sports.

“I started playing at the local sports clubs from age six,” He reflects with a smile “It gave me the chance to experience different sports in a team setting. If it wasn’t for the local clubs I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.”    

In an age where kids need opportunities for physical activity, sports teams play a role in this, however without volunteers many clubs wouldn’t exist.

“Volunteers are essential. Our referees were often volunteers and if we didn’t have one we couldn’t play”

James says that the benefits he gained from playing team sports, such as learning teamwork and having a strong support network, eventually led him to volunteer for a club.

The benefits of volunteering are documented, the ABS reports that sports volunteers live healthier lifestyles. They also are more community oriented, and report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction when compared to those who don’t.

We have seen that sports clubs bring communities together and in many rural towns when the local teams wins the town wins.

“One story that comes to mind, about how the club brings the town together,” James recalls “Is when the Noosa Dolphins won the 2010 sunshine cup, there was around 1000 people standing on the oval. The sense of community was overwhelming”

Today the positive benefits of physical activity and connection with one’s community are well known. This means more than ever we need people willing to give of their time to support and run local clubs.

SMG Technologies offers sports organisations software to improve their processes from athlete management to club administration. SMG Technologies are passionate about health and are champions of wellness; we help clubs protect their most valuable assets – their people and players.


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