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Power Players: Football in propaganda, war and revolution

Copyrights: Ronny Blaschke

Power Players: Football in propaganda, war and revolution

A new book by Ronny Blaschke, “Power Players: Football in Propaganda, War and Revolution,” takes a fascinating look at the ugly side of the beautiful game.

Football is increasingly becoming an instrument of political power. Dictators in the Middle East brutally bring players into line and present themselves in the stands as fathers of the people.

In Syria, stadiums were used as military bases and internment camps. But football is often also directed against the state. In Yugoslavia, Ukraine and the Arab world, ultras and hooligans have fought on the front line in revolutions, and gone to war.

Award-winning journalist Ronny Blaschke brings these battles to life, having researched them across four continents. He traces how power in football is shifting as club investors from China, Russia and the Gulf States secure economic influence in Europe for their governments. Blaschke explores the interplay between politics, history, religion and football to shine a light on a subject poorly understood and seldom discussed.

Power Players offers an illuminating look behind the glittering facade of football. Read and find out more about the political in sport, including:

  • Qatar's growing influence in Europe with the help of the World Cup and sponsorship deals
  • Vladimir Putin's years of influence on power networks in sport
  • The stadium propaganda of dictators in Egypt, Syria and China
  • The political protest and militancy of ultras in Yugoslavia, Turkey and Ukraine
  • Stadiums as places of war in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Football as a backdrop for separatism in Spain
  • Innovative ideas for a football industry that actually takes human rights seriously

Ronny Blaschke is one of the most respected sports journalists in Germany. For almost 20 years he has covered political issues in football – especially violence, racism and abuse of power. Blaschke has written five books and received numerous awards, including 'Football Book of the Year' and 'Sports Journalist of the Year'.

You can find more information about the book here.


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Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 23:18

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