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Power of Sport Summit: Call to Action

Power of Sport Summit: Call to Action

On June 18th and 19th, 2009, Sport in Society at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, hosted its second annual Power of Sport Summit, with the theme Sport and Social Responsibility. The event brought together academics, practitioners, administrators, and advocates for discussion, inspiration, and collaboration on the intersection between sport and social justice. With a focus this year on sport and social responsibility, the Summit challenged participants to define the role of athletes, coaches, corporations, and other relevant actors in using sports to better society. The event built upon the “scholar-educator-activist” framework adopted for the 2008 Summit, which involved using the passion and experiences of all attendees to facilitate learning and incite action.

Through interactive discussions, participants sought to both delineate the most pressing issues within the field of sport for social change and determine concrete ways of addressing them. As the outcome of these discussions, the following Call to Action was created through a collective effort. It offers an overview of topics and themes that emerged from the Summit, including general action steps. It also details priority areas regarding the following topics: Youth Development through Sport, the Role of Government in Sport for Social Change, Best Practices and Evaluation of Programs, Student Voice, and Research.

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