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Pro Sport Development educates young athletes on nutrition and anti-doping


Pro Sport Development educates young athletes on nutrition and anti-doping

Young weightlifters in Odisha, eastern India, have taken part in a workshop to gain knowledge about two important issues.

Based at the Gram Vikas head office in Mohuda on 15 December 2013, Pro Sport Development conducted their first ever seminar and workshop in effective nutrition and anti-doping. Over 50 weightlifters from the Ganjam District, eastern India, most of whom will be participating in this year’s National Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships, attended the seminar which turned out to be highly interactive and educative.

Nutrition education
The nutrition seminar gave participants valuable information which will help them develop better diets and healthier bodies. Specific to weightlifting, young athletes got an insightful display on how to tailor meals for their individual needs while training as well as during competition.The workshops gave young athletes the opportunity to engage with the Pro Sport Development trainers, who gave in-depth knowledge about nutrient requirements for individuals, body weights and body fats as well as effectively reading supplement nutritional values.

Unlimited Nutrition, a nutritional company based in Mumbai, supported the seminar by providing a pack of EAS leaflets and supplements for the workshops; which aided the theme of nutrition and clean sports.

Anti-doping awareness

Anti-Doping was another element of the seminar and workshops which the participants were keen to gain knowledge about. The seminar gave vital information to young athletes about the effects of doping in sport, which is crucial for their development as clean athletes. The participants were also informed about the effects of doping to their own health and the implications on their development within weightlifting, as well as taken through the anti-doping laws set in place by WADA.

The Future
Pro Sport Development will now aim to have similar educative seminars, to build upon the information provided, as well as including athletes from other sporting disciplines.

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