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Pro Sport Development held a two day PE training workshop


Pro Sport Development held a two day PE training workshop

Pro Sport Development organised a two day PE training workshop to strengthen the coaching department of Gram Vikas schools in Odisha, India.

With a view of further developing the physical education programmes at the Gram Vikas schools, Pro Sport Development organised a two-day PE training workshop for all four Khel Vikas PE teachers as well as the PE interns at Gram Vikas’ Mohuda project office in Odisha during the first week of July.

The initiative was taken up by Pro Sport Development with the intentions of strengthening its coaching development programme, as well as providing pathways for PE teachers to progress in their roles. The workshop included a mix of both theory and practical sessions. The speakers, Suheil Tandon, director-founder of Pro Sport Development along with Rohan Kandoi, school sports coordinator, focused on the general principles of PE teaching and sports coaching, including the fundamental movement skills, time management, leadership and communication. Considerable emphasis was laid on creating awareness about the importance of fundamental movement skills for children and to how to further correlate these when developing a particular sport.

Rosemary Beck, sport coaching intern from England, with a degree in Sports Coaching Science, worked on designing the outline of the training workshop. She shed light on the objective of the workshop, which was to design a three-month PE plan for the children at each of the Gram Vikas schools. The plan would encompass on meeting precise targets like consistent delivery of physical education classes, increasing regular sport participation, and to augment girls’ participation in sport. Collectively these targets would lead to the holistic development of the children in these highly tribal populated areas of Odisha.

The theory sessions included both dialogues as well as group tasks to facilitate adaptability and interaction among the enthusiasts. Furthermore, role play tasks were added to recreate real-time scenarios to tap on the participants’ creative side. The practical sessions had seen participants visiting one of the schools to take PE classes as well as coaching sessions on badminton, volleyball and athletics to put their learning into practice. Having come up with two different structured three-month plans, one for classes 3-5 and the other for classes 6 and above, the participating PE teachers and interns will now look to implement these plans into their daily lessons at their respective Gram Vikas schools.

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Sai Krishna Pulluru


Monday, July 7, 2014 - 23:00