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PSD team competes in the One Nation Netball Cup in Delhi


PSD team competes in the One Nation Netball Cup in Delhi

PSD’s team of children from its Bhubaneswar community sports programme participate in a national level netball tournament in Delhi, providing them with a rich experience, fostering camaraderie and promoting self-confidence.  

 Pro Sport Development (PSD) sent nine children (four girls and five boys) from its community sports programme centre in Bhubaneswar, Odisha to compete in the One Nation Netball Cup (ONNC), which was held in Delhi on 20-21 May, 2016. The tournament was organised by the Naz Foundation Trust along with Netball & Education Trust and saw the participation of 170 children in 17 teams from nine states of India!

Prior to this the Naz Foundation had conducted a week-long netball camp in April, with two of PSD’s community schools in Bhubaneswar. From this camp nine children were chosen to represent PSD at the ONNC 2016.

Along with two of PSD’s trainers, Tempa Hansdah and Laxmi Sahu, the team travelled by train to Delhi. All children on the team had never left Odisha before this trip or travelled on a train before, so the journey in itself was a great experience. On arrival in Delhi the team took the metro to get to the tournament site – another first for the children.

At the ONNC, PSD’s team competed in four games in total over the two days, not managing a win, but improving and gaining confidence in every game. PSD’s trainer Tempa Hansdah praised the team effort by saying, ‘‘the children improved in every game, they started to communicate better and work as a team and have become very good friends’’.

Throughout the two days, each team conducted cultural performances including a variety of dances, songs and skits. The PSD team flourished and performed two dances and one song which provided the children the much needed experience of performing in front of a large audience.

The team left a lasting impression on a number of people at the ONNC including Vivek Gaur, strategic partnership manager of Naz Foundation who said, ‘‘if we had the best spirited team award, PSD team would definitely be the front runners. The team were phenomenal, we are still talking about their dance performances and on the court they displayed the ability to learn and improve’’.

The children were able to mix with children from the other teams, from diverse backgrounds. Moreover they grew in confidence through competing and performing in front of a crowd. ‘‘We have never played a tournament before and playing in front of a large crowd is a great experience and has given me a lot of confidence,’’ said Pram Bhuyan, an 11-year-old boy who’s part of PSD’s team. By the end the tournament, the children did not want to leave as they had made many new friends.

Overall this was a great learning experience for the children, helping them grow in self-confidence, participate in competitive sport and have the opportunity to experience new places and meet new people.

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