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Q&A with Nicholas Wichenje of Nikkofiti Zumba

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Q&A with Nicholas Wichenje of Nikkofiti Zumba

Gabriel Tito Tabona interviews Wichenje regarding work-life balance and physical activity.

GT: Briefly describe what your fitness programme is all about.

NW: My programme is designed to help one lose weight and also tone up. We try to make workouts fun, interesting and unpredictable so that you won't see it as a chore so that you're able to come back and remain consistent till you hit your target. WE use target-based approach just to give you something to look forward to week after week.

What inspired you to start your fitness programme?

Growing up in the slums I would use sports to get away from the hardships of life. I engaged in sports since my o-level years all through to campus days and became quite exceptional at it that I ended up becoming captain for most of my teams. My love for sports, coupled with my passion for people (which I draw from my social work background) and the need to make a living led me to starting my fitness programme. They say if you love what you do it will never feel like work.

What is your fitness programme’s motto?

The body hears everything that your mind says. It all starts in the MIND.

What activities take place during your fitness sessions?

Physical exercises such as dancing, squatting and jumping; mentally stimulating tasks as well as fun group activities that foster bonding.

Who does your programme mostly target?

My fitness programme targets anyone, men or women, looking to improve their physical and mental fitness, looking to lose weight and tone up their body, last but not least, anyone looking to build new networks and friendships.

How often do you conduct sessions?

Seven times a week. Three strength training sessions, two Zumba sessions and two Strong by Zumba sessions weekly.

What role does your programme helps in safeguarding mental health?

Workout has a very relaxing effect to the brain. When you exercise, the brain release a chemical called endorphins that leads to the feeling of happiness. My programme ensures that you get a good workout, get to bond with new people every day and get to feel and look good. All these put together will for sure push you mental health to a better place.

What role do you think your programme plays in safeguarding physical health?

My programme ensures that my clients keep active enough to keep their metabolism running as they should. That in itself safeguards their physical health.

What impact has your fitness programme had on your participants?

Most have lost weight, some have gotten their physical health back in control, some have beaten depression, some have made friend and networks, just to mention but a few.

Why do you think the urban population should engage in fitness programmes?

Urban lifestyle has become quite busy, aggressive and engaging which may leave one unable to squeeze in time to engage in any fitness programme. It for that exact reason that we all need to engage in these programmes just for our own mental health if not for anything else.


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Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 12:13

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