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RDT’s Atmakur Development Centre: A holistic approach to development


RDT’s Atmakur Development Centre: A holistic approach to development

For the Rural Development Trust (RDT) and its Anantapur Sports Academy, sport has always been a tool for development. RDT sincerely believes that participation in sports is necessary for the growth, self-esteem and confidence of children, and this was no different with the Atmakur Development Centre, started in partnership with the Barcelona Foundation, in 2010.

Situated about an hour away from Anantapurtown, the Atmakur Centre allows rural youth the freedom to express themselves, whether on the field or in the classroom. The Centre focusses on the all-round development of children, providing education and sports coaching classes, along with added good nutritious food provided to all participants. Close to 200 children, including both boys and girls, choose to either Cricket, Football, Kho-Kho or Kabaddi. The Centre ensures that opportunities are provided to the girls of Atmakurto be a part of the programme, enabling them to showcase their talent.

Other than being provided with quality coaches, infrastructure, equipment and sports kits, all the children of the Centre are also provided daily Maths, English and computer classes. The Centre has specific teachers for each of the subjects, along with adequate classrooms and computer labs. Within their scheduled training sessions in the morning and evening, special attention is given to nutrition. All the children, on completion of their daily sessions, are provided with Raagi (millet) maltand eggs in the morning, and milk and bananas in the evening.

The coaches at the Centre are dedicated to ensuring that these programmes allow children to become socially engaged, which increases their self-esteem and confidence, as well as teaching them the values of discipline, team work and fairplay and motivating them in all aspects of their life. The Atmakur Development Centre is a unique model of combining education and development through sport. The Centre aims to gradually widen its reach to try and involve more children from nearby villages, in the near future.

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Anshuman Roy


Sunday, October 11, 2015 - 23:00