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Recap of recent events


Recap of recent events

Events in the last two weeks included the first World Indigenous Games and the world premiere of a documentary following the story of a Maasai cricket team.

The first World Indigenous Games

The first World Indigenous Games (I-Games 2015, Jogos Mundiais dos Povos Indígenas) was a multisport event with over 2,000 participating indigenous athletes from 30 countries that took place in Palmas, Brazil, on 18 - 27 September.

The 4th Inas Global Games 2015

The Inas Global Games - a week long championship held on 20 - 27 September in Quito-Latacunga, Equador -attracted more than 700 of the world’s best athletes with an intellectual disability.

World premiere of 'Warriors' documentary

On 23 September, the world premiere of the documentary 'Warriors' was shown in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Warriors follows the story of the world's first Maasai cricket team challenging harmful traditions such as FGM.

Football 4 Peace international training camp

The annual international training camp for Football 4 Peace International was held at the University of Brighton on 21 - 24 September.

Violence, discipline and leisure: Sport in penal and internment camps conference

The "Violence, discipline and leisure: Sport in penal and internment camps" conference was held from 23 - 25 September in Cologne, Germany. It was organised by Prof. Dr. Dittmar Dahlmann (Universität Bonn), Dr. Anke Hilbrenner (Universität Bonn) and Mr. Gregor Feindt, M.A. (Institut of European History, Mainz).


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