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Recap of recent events


Recap of recent events

Events from the last two weeks included a sociology of sport conference, a course on autism and a women's sport academy.

World Congress of Sociology of Sport

This conference, entitled "Sport, Global Development and Social Change", took place in Budapest on 8-11 June. The conference gathered the international community of sport sociologists to discuss the key issues and debates surrounding the role and place of sport in global social and economic development.

Course on autism, sport and physical activity - Newcastle

This one-day course held on 15 June helped delegates to recognise and understand the key areas of difference in autism, and looked at potential supportive strategies in practical situations in order to reduce the difficulties experienced by participants and session leaders.

Women’s Sport Leadership Academy 2016

The Women's Sport Leadership Academy 2016 on 19-24 June brought together forty outstanding women leaders, half from the UK and half from around the world, providing a unique learning environment that supported women to further develop their leadership competencies.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 23:00