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Red Cross reaps bounty

Red Cross reaps bounty

A total of 77 goals were scored at UEFA EURO 2008™ - which means that the UEFA/International Committee of the Red Cross "Score for the Red Cross" humanitarian campaign has been a resounding success.

UEFA donations

The goal tally in Austria and Switzerland means that just over €300,000 has been collected from UEFA alone in favour of the rehabilitation project for landmine victims in Afghanistan. UEFA pledged to donate €4,000 for each goal scored in the tournament. The overall fundraising campaign total stands at just over €450,000 but donations are continuing to come in, with Germany holding the lead ahead of Spain and the Netherlands as fans battle for the title of humanitatian champions of Europe. The €500,000 mark will be reached as soon as the proceeds come in from the wristband sales of the official UEFA EURO 2008™ mascots Trix and Flix.

Restoring lost dignity

The provision of artificial limbs and gradual rehabilitation helps to restore landmine victims' lost dignity. The ICRC also facilitates their reintegration into family and community life by offering vocational training and the possibility to start a small business.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008 - 23:00

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