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Reports from the 2nd IDSDP

Reports from the 2nd IDSDP

From NOWSPAR's media discussions in Zambia to the Pass It Back partnership launch in Lao PDR, the 2015 IDSDP was celebrated in a number of creative and diverse ways. Here we highlight 12 reports following our call for articles on this year’s IDSDP celebrations.

Colombia celebrates peace and sport

The Grupo Internacional de Paz held events throughout Colombia where participants discussed the #WhiteCard campaign and the importance of sport in peace-building, and took part in various physical activities.

IDSDP unites Finnish athletes and NGOs

Liike Sports and Development organised a seminar with Finnish and international NGO’s, consultants and universities to discuss and debate how sport relates to gender equality, female empowerment, conflict resolution and education.

What do the haka, Rudyard Kipling poems and Muhammad Ali cut-outs have in common? Celebrating the IDSDP at Saint Peter’s School, Tennessee

In an interview with sportanddev, Saint Peter’s School’s athletic director Sam Parfitt describes the various activities held for the 2015 IDSDP, the impact these activities had on students and the connections made between sport, curriculum, and values.

CSDA targets youth in Tinidad and Tobago

Youth from the University of Trinidad and Tobago gathered at CSDA headquarters in Siparia, Trinidad, to be among the first to participate in youth leadership training using the latest CYSDP sport for development and peace advocacy toolkit.

Highlighting the role of sport in youth development, in India and beyond

sportanddev caught up with Pro Sport Development’s Suheil Tandon to find out about their event that took place in Odisha, northeast India, where girls and boys played volleyball with one another, and learned about leadership and self-confidence.

Youth, sport and social cohesion in Madagascar!

Five cities and over 4,000 people celebrated in southern Madagascar by participating in basketball and volleyball tournaments as well as in cultural events which highlighted the importance of sport in peace-building and development projects. (Article in French)

Building bridges from Cape Town to Boston: 1st Boston Roundtable for Sport & Peace

The Foundation for Sport and Development and Peace from South Africa, in collaboration with numerous stakeholders in the US and in Africa, organised their 1st Boston Roundtable on Sport & Peace.

Four countries, four continents and the 2nd IDSDP

Youth from Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Qatar and Croatia founded the Non-Formal Intercontinental Group for the Celebration of IDSDP. The group organised activities for youth, wheelchair basketball games and football matches in their respective countries, gaining media attention and support from national sport organisations.

Boosting sports and community development programmes in a highly deprived neighbourhood

The Values & Sport Association (Asociación Civil Valores y Deporte) in Argentina celebrated 6 April by holding workshops, value-oriented games and football matches, as well as conducting short questionnaires with 60 youth in an underserved neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.

Supporting young leaders to pass it back

The 2015 IDSDP marked the official partnership launch of the Pass It Back joint Sport for Development initiative in Lao PDR, which uses rugby to equip young people in Asia with the tools necessary to overcome challenges and inspire positive social change in their communities.

Celebrating in Zambia with NOWSPAR

NOWSPAR celebrated in a number of ways including discussions with media and physical activities with 51 girls in 10 sport categories, all focusing on teamwork, problem solving, and how to build strong relationships.

X-SUBA celebrates IDSDP with youth in Uganda

X-SUBA celebrated IDSDP for the first time by offering youth an array of activities including basketball games, egg and spoon races as well as poster and video contests which explored how sport directly influences development and reconciliation in Uganda. sportanddev caught up with organiser Kenneth Agaba to ask him some questions on his experience.


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