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Request for proposals: Rebuilding

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Request for proposals: Rebuilding

Following months of planning and consultation activities, sportanddev have today published their request for proposals to design and build a new website.

The International Platform on Sport and Development (sportanddev) has today launched a request for proposals (RFP) to design and build a new website to replace the existing This follows the recent consultation activity which found that 96% of our community felt the website should be rebuilt or upgraded. In addition to this, we have carried out a thorough review of the existing website and formed a vision of the future platform required of the sector and the community.

Our vision

A primary focus of this rebuild project is that the new website is user friendly, easy to navigate and easily searchable to find valuable content. This is something that has frequently been reported back to us and we equally agree is very important. We will also look to enhance existing features that we are told are valuable, such as the interactive map and organisation profiles, our news and events, and the Toolkit section.

We’ve also listened to feedback on new ideas and requirements and will look to create a Research and Learning Corner that will consolidate academic and applied resources all into a centralised library. Virtual spaces for collaborating and networking is also high on the list of new features, allowing groups to discuss topics or work more effectively together. There are also ambitions to increase the number of languages that we share content in as part of our plans to become a more diverse platform and community.

There will be a dependency on the progress of this project and the roll out of features based on our ability to fundraise for the work to be done, but we are hopeful this will be achieved. If members of our community believe they can support in any way then we ask that you please get in touch via email at


sportanddev is holding an open RFP process, though a number of web design agencies have been contacted directly to participate. All relevant materials (three documents) can be downloaded from this article page including the instructions for submission, terms of reference, and a proposal summary template.

The deadline to submit proposals is 14 August at 23:59 UTC.

Any requests for further information or to confirm interest in submitting a proposal should be sent via email to 


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Friday, July 17, 2020 - 12:32

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