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Results are in: The 2016 annual survey


Results are in: The 2016 annual survey

Users have shared their views on Take a look at the results. is a community driven initiative. A large proportion of the content is produced by others rather than the Operating Team, and our purpose is to provide services which help members of the sector in their work.

We therefore take the views of our readers very seriously. Every year we publish an annual survey. We analyse results and take opinions expressed into account when planning for the following year. Live streaming, calls for articles and a French version of all originated as suggestions from the community.

Use of
The results show a high level of engagement with content from those who completed the survey:

  • 89% visit at least once a month and 46% at least once a week
  • 75% have forwarded a article to someone
  • 51% have shared an article on social media
  • 31% have written an article published on
  • 29% have applied for a job after seeing it advertised on
  • 14% have attended an event after seeing it on

Feedback on our services

When asked to rate services, results were spread fairly evenly across the 11 options. However, the newsletter, latest news and views, and job, volunteer and research opportunities came out on top.

In terms of areas that could be improved, participants made a number of suggestions on topics which they would like featured more frequently on, in particular:

  • Latin America
  • Sports diplomacy
  • CSR initiatives
  • Traditional games
  • Racket sports
  • Fundraising opportunities

About survey participants

As has previously been the case, there were more male than female respondents (64%). One percent identified as “other”. Participants identified themselves with thirteen professional groups. However, the highest number were researchers (38%), the sports sector (31%) and coaches (25%). The largest number were aged 31-40 (32%), followed by 41-50 (24%) and 19-30 (20%).

Asked to pick three topics of particular interest, responses were spread across the 14 options. However, education and child and youth development (54%), the development of sports (47%) and community integration and cohesion (41%) were the most frequently selected.

Thank you to all those who completed the survey. We received the most responses since 2012 and your feedback means a lot to us.


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Paul Hunt


Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 23:00

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