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The Royal Moroccan Federation of Aerobics, Fitness, and Hip Hop promotes the physical and social welfare of the country

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The Royal Moroccan Federation of Aerobics, Fitness, and Hip Hop promotes the physical and social welfare of the country

The Federation focuses on establishing aerobic and fitness sports in schools, encouraging the opening of clubs in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and the scheduling of regular activities, as well as creating a programme for working women at home, to allow them to be physically active in their own time and space.

The most identifying feature of The Federation is the how it uses its discipline – various physical activities – as a means of social reintegration through different initiatives aimed at various groups of the population of Morocco.

Some young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods have found in the programmes a reason for being and a future profession, among other benefits, since The Federation trains them for free. They have found a source of income for their families, improved their standard of living and contribute to the eradication of juvenile delinquency and social exclusion.

The Federation also helps to provide sport in penitentiaries by offering those with short detention periods the opportunity to practice sport and take an interest in the field, and to potentially become future aerobics coaches. This program has also helped to provide reassurance, reduce violence and create satisfaction among prisoners.

Another group that The Federation works with are prostitutes, although their reintegration into society requires the participation of psychologists, social educators, and medical assistance, the energy and work of the members of the Federation have helped make the process possible. A large portion of women who were engaged in prostitution, have been able to leave this practice and be trained by the Federation, becoming aerobics coaches and currently dedicating themselves to this sport.

The work of The Federation demonstrates the potential for social transformation and human development through the values that these sports disciplines bring. The Federation stands out as an organisation that focuses its efforts on citizenship, participating in the progress and growth of Moroccan society.


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