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Rural Soccer Ghana donates sport kits to project sites

Rural Soccer Ghana donates sport kits to project sites

The Rural Soccer Ghana (RSG) team visited their operational sites to donate sport kits to program participants.

Laure Arnal, President of RSG visited four project sites, along with two volunteers. Project sites included those of two previous projects at Kalariga and Kpanvo and two new sites at Bogunaayili and Tolon. All centers received donations of sport kits to aid in the project.

Madam Laure solicited sport kits with the assistance of partner organizations and Individuals including Football Vallon, Football Globe-Trotters and Familles Rurales St. Christophe, all from France.

She led the team of volunteers to visit and interact with students from private and public school in Tamale Metropolitan and Tolon districts, donating footballs for their PE lessons. Research has found that pupils who play sports are better able to concentrate and maintain focus, which has a positive impact academic life.  

At Kpanvo community, the President and volunteers played games with the youth. The youth were presented sport kits for their sporting activities. Assembly Member for the area Mr. Abdul-Latif Chrifo, on behalf of the Chief of Kpanvo and the youth, thank RSG for the donations, advising the youth to put the kits into good use. He also appealed to the parents to ensure that their children are focusing on their education. Sports goes with education, and the two together will assist the youth to develop their full potential and become role models in the community.

Rural Soccer Ghana, made the same donations to centers at Bogunaayili and Tolon District. The team paid a courtesy call to the Chief of Tolon traditional area, Major Sulemana Abubakari, who helped in orgnanizing a girls’ soccer team in the village. He thanked RSG for their support and donations. He took the opportunity to inform the youth that he’s currently in discussion with stakeholders to build a Cultural Center and is also lobbying for sports center in Tolon. He further appealed to developmental organizations and philanthropists to extend their supports to Tolon, and not focus only on national or regional capitals.

Laure Arnal committed RSG towards the development of sport in Tolon, to increase youth sport participation and strengthen girls’ participation in physical activity. She called on individuals and organizations to collaborate with RSG to focus other sectors, like health and education development in rural areas, to allow youth in these areas to flourish.

Fatima Alhassan, the captain of the girls’ soccer team, thanked RSG for their donations, stating that it will improve their trainings and will also appeal to parents and her peers who may want to join the team.

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