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Rural Soccer Ghana expands programme to Kumbungu District

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Rural Soccer Ghana expands programme to Kumbungu District

Rural Soccer Ghana (RSG) has started programmes in the Kumbungu District in the northern region of the country.

Rural Soccer Ghana is a Ghanian organisation that works to empower youth in rural communities through sport, as sport serves as a platform for people to come together and support their community. Sport also makes the youth more active as they actively participate in sport tend to be healthier. 

To forward this effort, Rural Soccer Ghana (RSG) formed another youth team in the Bogunaayili community in Kumbungu District of Northern Region of Ghana. 

The assemblyman of Bogunaayili area, the Honorable Mbeli Habib, thanked Rural Soccer Ghana for extending their operation in the district, especially Bogunaayil community and its environs, and expressed his readiness to support and partner with RSG for it operations. He advised the youth to not only to focus on sports, but also to take their education seriously, highlighting that sport and education combined have the greatest potential to contribute positively to national development. He called on the community to stop burning the bush, as we are in the dry and dusty Harmattan season, and to desist the felling of tress indiscriminately, since this affects the environment  

Sumani Abdul-Shakru, the coach of Bogunaayili community youth team, also added his voice by encouraging the grown-ups not to consider sport playing or physical exercise for only the youth, as it has a positive health benefits on people of all ages. He noted that playing sport reduces stress and anxiety, reduces body fat, makes you sleep better, lowers blood pressure and so on. He said that maintaining good health helps avoid unnecessary medication for health complication.  

Issah Iddrisu, a community youth mobilizer of Rural Soccer Ghana, entreated the Kumbugu District Assembly and benevolent individuals or organisations to partner RSG to achieve its mission.

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