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The satisfaction of working in rural India


The satisfaction of working in rural India

Rohan Kandoi speaks about his internship with Pro4Sport Solutions on the Khel Vikas project, which the organisation is running in collaboration with Gram Vikas (GV), an NGO working with underprivileged communities in Odisha.

Spending 12 weeks in the wilderness of rural India was the last thing on my mind until the opportunity came up to do an internship with the sport development organisation Pro4Sport Solutions. My friends were surprised when I broke the news to them about doing an internship in Odisha of all the places in India. I was excited as well as nervous when I decided to accept the offer, however what I experienced during the three months I spent in eastern India was beyond my expectations, something I never imagined.

Working with the athletes
I was assigned the job of documenting and developing the volleyball team at one of the Gram Vikas schools in a tribal area. My initial interaction was with the weightlifting athletes and I was asked to make a video detailing the programme. I had to take photos and short video clips so that I could compile them to make a five minute video. I was then asked to make portfolios and other material for these athletes which enabled me to spend much time with them during their sessions. I would chat with them so they would get comfortable in interacting with me. This was an excellent experience as it enabled me to really understand how the minds of these children worked.

Volleyball development

Simultaneously, I worked on developing a volleyball team for the Gram Vikas Kankia School. These children had great athletic ability but didn't understand the rules and technique. I had to talk to them and explain what I wanted them to do on a daily basis for over two months. It was an unforgettable experience because by the end of a month I had come to know each player on a personal level. I even stayed back at school during the initial period so the children could be comfortable with me. As of now, the team has 14 players and I am proud of the fact it has become competitive in this short span of time and started winning against local village teams.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013 - 23:00