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S&D in the post-2015 debate: Making our voices heard


S&D in the post-2015 debate: Making our voices heard

Wanting to learn what the S&D sector has to contribute to the post-2015 discussions, sportanddev is launching an e-debate asking for expert and community contributions.

The post-2015 debate is in full flow. For a year and a half, the official UN consultation process has allowed governments and expert groups to contribute to the intricate process of setting new global development objectives. Bound to clear deadlines and a process in which UN agencies, governments, expert groups, and civil society have been invited to contribute, the UN General Assembly (UNGA) will set the new sustainable development goals as global guiding principles for the coming 15 years.

The MDGs
13 years ago, the Millennium Development Goals were adopted. The eight targets became the guiding principles of a whole sector including governments, the corporate world and civil society. This unprecedented mainstreaming through global objectives triggered much legitimate critique from those that deal with the nitty-gritty of human development on a daily basis.  Big targets throw long shadows on whole areas of the development sector, leaving many standing in the rain. Nonetheless, setting global objectives has undoubtedly been successful in taking stock, effectively communicating the overall efforts towards global development, and - to some degree - measuring success in reaching the set objectives.

Setting new goals
While some are now looking back to evaluate how effectively the Millenium Development Goals have actually been met, the majority of decision-makers are already busying themselves with the new objectives. In September 2015, a high level summit will adopt a new set of goals, most likely called the "Sustainable Development Goals". Many feel that we have not learnt enough from looking back at the results of the last 15 years, but it is clear that whoever wants to have a say in defining the new goals, needs to hurry up and call out with a clear, unambiguous message.

What is the S&D sector to the post-2015 debate?
Searching for the concerted contribution from the S&D sector to the post-2015 debate, sportanddev will initiate an e-debate inviting a number of experts, as well as the community as a whole, to contribute to the debate. In three discussion rounds sportanddev will ask policy-makers, researchers and practitioners to outline their opinions of how sport and physical activity has contributed to the MDGs and how it will contribute to the new vision of creating “A Life of Dignity for All”.

sportanddev also wants the community to speak up.  The Operating Team are inviting you to make your voice heard and to ensure that sport, play and physical activity are not forgotten in the endeavour “to leave no one behind", setting goals for a just post-2015 era in which we strive to promote human solidarity and eliminate inequality.


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Jutta Engelhardt


Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 23:00