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‘She Wins: We Win’ #FootballPeople workshops to build women’s football network in Germany

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‘She Wins: We Win’ #FootballPeople workshops to build women’s football network in Germany

The Do School will make women’s empowerment the focal point of their #FootballPeople weeks event in Germany this weekend as they look to create a formal network of women in football.

Over the course of two days, The Do School will first encourage Doers to take action for a common goal of ​elevating ​women, on 18 October in Hamburg. The following day, a workshop will be held aiming to inspire hundreds of women around the world to come together for women’s empowerment through sport.

The Do School’s #FootballPeople weeks activity on 19 October will then focus on elevating women in football, by bringing together a group of women working in football, from the grassroots, to players, coaches and marketing managers. The aim will be to establish a women in football network in Germany to elevate women in and through football and create a stronger union fighting for women in football in Germany.

The workshop’s methods will be to use agile thinking and The Do School’s own methodology to create a clear idea of what this network should look like and how to take the next steps.

Inspired by the Women in Football UK network, in which female professionals working in and around the football industry support and champion their peers, this new network in Germany will aim to share professional expertise, challenge discrimination and celebrate women’s achievements.

​The workshop will be co-hosted by Marisa Schlenker and Shabnam Ruhin and will aim to have a minimum of 20 participants who identify as female and who are working in some capacity in football. That said, all different types of perspectives will be welcome and participants do not have to be working in women’s football as a prerequisite to join.

  • The event is free to attend. For more information visit The Do School or follow them on Twitter for updates of the event


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Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 14:15