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Smiles throughout Sports Day


Smiles throughout Sports Day

Pro Sport Development successfully organised an event to promote the Khel Vikas project's aim of enhancing youth participation in sport.

The 33rd Annual Sports Day was held on from 18-20 December at Gram Vikas High School, Kankia.

The three days were a great success aided by the grassroots development programme founded by the Khel Vikas Project enabling more children to participate in sports. The main aim of Sports Day is to encourage participation from all children at the school, not simply the athletes.

With many of the athletes away at competitions it gave the other children a chance to compete and win some medals. The energy from the children throughout the three days was fantastic and it highlighted the importance of what we do here at Pro Sport Development.

The participation of youth in sport is important for the holistic development of the tribal communities, particularly in Odisha. Seeing the children play and compete is another example of how sport development initiatives by Khel Vikas aid the social development of underprivileged children.

There was a collection of great performances displayed over the three days combined with a high level of competitive spirit with over 300 children participating. The events that took place ranged from fun games such as tug of war and musical chairs, to the track and field events such as 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, high jump and long jump.

Sabitri Sabar the 100m champion summarised the event in her own words. "Sports Day is my favourite event of the year". Congratulations to all who participated.

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