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Special issue of the Journal of Sport for Development focuses on disability sport

Special issue of the Journal of Sport for Development focuses on disability sport

The Journal of Sport for Development (JSFD) has released its fifth issue, a special issue entitled "Disability Sport: Changing Lives, Changing Perceptions."

The special issue covers a range of topics, including social change, inclusion, disability sport marketing policies, negotiating disability, identity and belonging through sport, and the use of critical pedagogy to develop and promote inclusive practice with the higher education sector with regard to sport. These topics are discussed in various sporting, cultural and geographical contexts and highlight the great potential for future research in this emerging field.

The content of this issue includes:

  • Editorial: Disability Sport: Changing Lives, Changing Perspectives
  • Adapted Surfing as a Tool to Promote Inclusion and Rising Disability Awareness in Portugal
  • A Qualitative Examination of Latin American Wheelchair Sport Practitioners’ Marketing Practices
  • The Role of Special Olympics in Promoting Social Inclusion: An Examination of Stakeholder Perceptions
  • Paralympic Sport as a Vehicle for Social Change in Bermuda and Ghana
  • Rio 2016 and Disability: An Analysis of the Sport-For-Development Discourse and the Legacies for Disabled People
  • Sport in the Lives of Young People with Intellectual Disabilities: Negotiating Disability, Identity and Belonging
  • Developing Disability Sport: The Case for a Critical Pedagogy


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Editors: Dr. Ian Brittain and Eli Wolff


Monday, January 11, 2016 - 23:00