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Sport and refugees weekly: 08 April 2022

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Sport and refugees weekly: 08 April 2022

Want to know what's happening in the world of sport and refugees? Here are the top headlines for the week ending on 08 April 2022.

Alwaleed Philanthropies and Barca Foundation sports-based programme drives refugee wellbeing and social inclusion in Greece (FC Barcelona)

A new sports-based programme for refugees in Greece has been launched in partnership by Alwaleed Philanthropies and Barca Foundation, with implementation partner Organization Earth. The 12-month programme utilises sport to promote values like teamwork, self-expression and healthy living, and is designed to foster life-skills and social integration through physical activity. The programme will take place across 6 refugee locations, including Eleonas, Schisto, Ritsona, Malakasa, Volos and Korinthos.

How soccer helps protect, uplift and unite refugees (UNHCR)

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is not only entertaining, but can be an avenue to unite people from different cultures, as well as improve psychosocial wellbeing. Recognising the potential of soccer to uplift, empower and unite refugees within their host communities, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has developed a “Sport for Protection” approach, which prioritizes opportunities for exercise, recreation and connection through sport.

Teenage sprinter becomes first Ukrainian refugee to link up with Irish athletics club (Independent Ireland)

To support Ukrainians that have fled their country amidst the ongoing war, Athletics Ireland is extending free membership to athletic clubs for Ukrainian citizens. Dublin-based Crusaders Athletics Club welcomed 17-year-old Mark Inuwa as their newest member. In Ukraine, Mark was attending a sports school, where he received both athletic training and education.

West Lothian community football club offers free sessions to Ukrainian refugees (Daily Record)

The Bathgate Thistle Community Football Club have offered Ukrainian refugees coming into the area with free football sessions. The club recognises the potential that they have in supporting newcomers with the existing West Lothian community, and the power of sport in allowing people to have fun, integrate and work together.

Young Ukrainian athletes find refuge in Germany (DW)

For 12-year-old Anna Burchok, tennis was her life. She trained six days a week while she was in Ukraine, prior to the Russian invasion of her country. However, when her family moved to Germany, within a month they found a tennis club, and Anna is now training again at the RTHC Leverkusen sports club.


This information has been compiled by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. 


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