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Sport and SDGs case study: 10 Million Discs

Copyrights: 10 Million Discs [Just one of the many creative ways we utilise another unique feature of Ultimate frisbee: The flat printable surface of the disc]

Sport and SDGs case study: 10 Million Discs

Engaging youth through sport to teach conflict resolution.

How does your organisation work toward achieving the SDGs?

10 Million Disks focuses on gender equality, mutual respect, conflict resolution and youth leadership development.

Which specific goals do you target?

Gender Equality, Well Being and Health, Peace and Justice, and Partnerships to achieve the goals.

What changes have you made to your work since the SDGs were introduced in January 2016? 

As gender respect has become more of a focus point, we have been able to gear more of our programming in that direction and gain support from agencies which might not have been as supportive in the past.

How is your organisation measuring progress?

Number of youth reached, adults trained, countries worked in, and high level governmental partnerships achieved.


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Trent Simmons


Friday, July 13, 2018 - 15:23

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