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Sport and SDGs case study: Ashvath Foundation

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Sport and SDGs case study: Ashvath Foundation

Targeting inclusion and well-being in India.

How does your organisation work toward achieving the SDGs?

Inspired by UN model we use power of sports as an engine for better life. We started with disability sports - wheelchair basketball, soon starting deaf basketball - inspiring them and motivating them to come and play and contribute.

Which specific goals do you target?

  • Health & well being
  • Zero discrimination
  • Inclusiveness (those with and without disabilities play together )

What changes have you made to your work since the SDGs were introduced in January 2016? 

Empowered with sports and wheelchair sports, some of them playing internationally, contributes to inclusion for people wth disabilities.

How is your organisation measuring progress?

In a very short time we have given young kids in India, both boys and girls, the chance to represent us internationally -- school kids playing in the senior category .  


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Varun Ahlawat


Friday, July 13, 2018 - 15:13

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