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Sport and SDGs case study: Sparky Football

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Sport and SDGs case study: Sparky Football

Using football as an education tool in India.

How does your organisation work toward achieving the SDGs?

We use football as an education tool to engage, educate and empower children of diverse communities to create legacies based on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for a long-lasting social impact in India. Various life skills and values are imparted to children based on our tailor-made Sports for Social Impact (SSI) curriculum.

Which specific goals do you target?

Our aim is to inspire every child to master psycho-social skills and achieve their goals in life, and to create equal opportunities and safe spaces for them to nurture their skills and become responsible citizens. (SDGs 3,4,5 and 8)

What changes have you made to your work since the SDGs were introduced in January 2016? 

Sparky Football, over the years, has become a way of life for hundreds of children across Bangalore. We have reached out to more than 1,000 children directly in the past few years, conducting our football therapy programmes in various parts of the country. With an indirect reach of 100,000+ children. In this process, we have incorporated attitudes, skills and knowledge in adherence to the SDGs (3,4,5 and 8).

How is your organisation measuring progress?

By reaching out to more and more children and educating them about various social issues and life skills and keeping track of the process through regular reports and feedback from various sources for constant monitoring and evaluation (M&E) process. We are constantly looking forward to the future, ensuring that there is all-around development in the process.



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