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SportAccord releases biannual Women in Leadership positions Factsheet

SportAccord releases biannual Women in Leadership positions Factsheet

The factsheet shows that even though women are still considerably underrepresented in leading positions, there has been some encouraging progress.


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Women in Leadership positions Factsheet
On the 1st of May SportAccord released its biannual Women in Leadership positions factsheet. The results of the factsheet are rather controversial. Only 13% of SportAccord members have females in Executive Committee positions. Even though this indicates a 2% increase since July 2011 when the first Factsheet was released, only 24 women hold Executive Committee positions (or the equivalent) amongst the 105 international sports federations and organisations who are members of SportAccord. 

Only 1% of SportAccord members have women as Presidents (5 in total). As for women holding the Secretary General position, the increase was also of 1%, making the female representation in this post 12%. Despite the 5% decrease in the number of Executive Committees with 0 women, they still represent an alarming 28% of SportAccord Members. On the other hand, an increase of 6% in Members with more than two female representatives in decision making positions was noted and there was a 5% increase in the Members with over 20% of female representation.

SportAccord concludes that not much has changed over the last six months except for the 10% increase in SportAccord’s Associate Members with 20% or more women in leading positions. However, overall, there was a small but positive evolution towards gender equity in leadership positions within SportAccord’s Members.

Hopes for the future
It is hoped that the acceptance of the IOC 5th Conference on Women and Sport Declaration and the findings of SportAccord’s Factsheet on Women in Leadership Positions will serve as motivation and inspiration to keep working towards Gender Equity.

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Vangelis Alexandrakis


Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 23:00

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