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sportanddev in French


sportanddev in French

Thanks to the recent support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, sportanddev plans to bring you a French version of the site in 2014.

As the sport and development community continues to grow, the calls for different language versions of sportanddev get louder. Many in S&D work in languages other than English and would greatly benefit from accessing the information shared on the site in their own language.

In an effort to better service the community, sportanddev has acknowledged this need and has been working towards providing different language versions. As a first step in this direction sportanddev plans to bring you the site en Français in 2014.

La Francophonie
La Francophonie refers to the estimated 220 million French speakers spread throughout the world who are represented by the OIF. Comprised of 77 states, governments and observers, OIF members include Canada, Vietnam, Morocco, Haiti, Romania, Egypt, Switzerland and Senegal to name a few.

There are a growing number of S&D initiatives that are either based in French speaking countries or that have adapted their programmes to suit the needs of French speaking beneficiaries. GOALS Haiti, Ayuda Malawi, CHRISC Rwanda and Peace and Sport are just a few such initiatives.

On 27-29 November 2013, the Agency for Education through Sport is organising the Educasport World Forum which will bring together a large number of French speaking S&D initiatives from around the world to highlight their use of sport in development.

Not just about translation

sportanddev has received a number of requests over the years for additional language versions, including in Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. Bringing you a different language version, however, is not a simple question of translating the English site into another language.

A new language version needs to be updated and maintained in the respective language to make sure that when you land on sportanddev you are getting the latest information from the S&D sector in the desired language.

sportanddev continues to look for partners who are interested in supporting the development of sportanddev in different languages. For now, we look forward to brining you the French version and hope that this is only the first of many different language versions of sportanddev.

Keep an eye out for more developments on the topic. A trés bientôt.


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Stephen Reynard


Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 23:00