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Strong Girls handbook

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Strong Girls handbook

The Swedish non-profit Girls in Sport shares their new Strong Girls handbook, a programme to promote positive experiences in sport and physical activity among young girls.

Strong Girls is a sport and outdoor adventure programme that empowers and promotes physical and emotional wellbeing in teenage girls. The programme supports those who want to offer sport to girls in an entirely new way, breaking the norms and stereotypes which have dominated school and club sports for so long. This programme is also designed to equip girls with valuable life skills including self-awareness, boundary-setting, compassion, and leadership skills.

Strong Girls is the result of three years experimentation and testing in schools in Sweden and a further year of synthesis and research. The Strong Girls programme provides a step-by-step process to support those who want to strengthen girls development through sport, for example teachers, coaches or youth leaders. The programme also includes guidance for those who want to support a daughter or girl in their care as well as information on its adaptation for boys.

The Strong Girls programme offers a curriculum to cover a full school year and lesson plans which can be implemented directly with cohorts of girls in school or can be used to support shorter interventions including summer camps, girls-only courses or after school initiatives. Strong Girls is designed very much as a plug-and-play system so whatever your needs, this resource can help you in your work with girls, adapting to your own particular context and goals.

One further unique feature of this programme is that it also supports the person leading the girls to reflect more on their own self-awareness and development in order for them to more powerfully deliver the objectives of the programme. 

The programme is available in the Strong Girls Handbook, which can be read for free online or bought in hardcopy here.

Copyrights: Girls in Sport


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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 07:36