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Survey: Mapping university activities in S4D

Survey: Mapping university activities in S4D

A team at the German Sport University has launched a survey exploring university cooperation in the sport for development field.

As part of the sport for development activities of the German Sport University, we are launching a survey exploring university cooperation in the field of sport for development (S4D).

This survey seeks to establish the teaching, research and partnership activities within and between universities in the S4D area. It also aims to provide solutions for greater cooperation with and between universities, in the S4D context.

In particular,  we want to look at how cooperation between various scientific disciplines (e.g. psychology, sociology, economics) and various regions (e.g. South-South, South-North) can be improved in the S4D context.

Overall, these findings will allow us to provide data and recommendations to support the development of a university network in S4D.

To support this, we invite academics and researchers working for universities or other higher education institutions active in the field of S4D to participate in this survey.

You can access the survey here.

The survey is available in English, French, Spanish or Bahasa. In total, the survey should take about 15 minutes. 

The deadline to complete the survey is 20 May 2022


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Friday, May 6, 2022 - 10:33

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