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Sustainable Innovation in Sport Conference: Three weeks to go

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Sustainable Innovation in Sport Conference: Three weeks to go will provide coverage from the event in Munich on 22-23 February.

Sustainability in sport is now an important issue. More and more major clubs are aspiring to high environmental standards for their stadiums. Federations are increasingly aiming to make their events sustainable. Influential athletes speak up for environmental campaigns such as Earth Hour. Sport is an ideal platform to raise awareness of climate change and provide solutions.

Sport doesn’t just have the potential to be used as a tool to tackle environmental issues – it is also threatened by it. Winter sports in many locations are jeopardised by increasingly unreliable snowfall while events such as the Australian Open regularly demonstrate the challenges of playing in high temperatures.

Organised by Climate Action, the Sustainable Innovation in Sport Conference follows a first edition which took place during COP21 in 2015 in Paris and will look at how to make sport more sustainable. As the event’s website says:

This two day meeting will deep dive into the economic, political and societal opportunities that enhancing sustainability in sports can offer to stakeholders in the industry, will amplify and bring awareness to current initiatives that are changing the face of the international sports and sustainability space, as well as focus on new policy and technologies that can be significant game changers.

The event will bring together stakeholders from the world of sport to discuss opportunities for change, highlight solutions to challenges and recommend a roadmap for making sport more sustainable. It will look at how to build partnerships between governments, governing bodies, clubs, federations and the private sector, while discussing the possibility of introducing a minimum sustainability standard for competitions. is delighted to have been invited to attend as a media partner. During the event, we will share highlights via a series of articles, for those who are unable to attend in person.


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Tuesday, January 31, 2017 - 12:20

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