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SwimLanka-Terre des hommes movie nights!


SwimLanka-Terre des hommes movie nights!

Terres des Hommes and SwimLanka use 'Finding Nemo' to open discussion

by Justin Packman

Terre des hommes and SwimLanka take the Disney animation 'Finding Nemo' to the Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

Using cinema in conjuncture with our pool activities, we break down barriers and bring communities together, prompting open discussions on swimming as a life skill and how our lives should not be ruled by fear.

The film acts as an entry point to lead focus groups and joint discussions on the ocean, fear and communities.  The concept of fear has never really been discussed with tsunami affected families in Sri Lanka. 

The below quotes were taken from a few of the 2,500 people who have watched the film, overdubbed in Tamil next to our SwimLanka pools on beaches on the East coast of Sri Lanka.

  • "I learnt the relationship of love and care from this movie" - a father in Kallady
  • "Many children were abducted by unknown persons.  Marlin helped to rescue his son. Practically it is difficult to ensure the protection of children in our country." - a father in Kalluwankerny
  • "We need to protect and love the ocean as it is a big resource for us" - a child in Kallkudah
  • "After watching this film, my children are always wanting to go to the sea!" - a fisherman in Poonochimunai
  • "It was a great oportunity to gather, talk and watch this film.  We are not allowed to meet at night.  I met alot of people from my village" - a youth from Kaluthavalai

For more information on the SwimLanka/Terre des hommes movie nights in Ampara and Batticaloa, please consult the SwimLanka website.

The latest newsletter is available for download.  The newsletter goes into greater detail on how the movie nights are run, the problems faced and why cinema is seen as such an important psycho-social tool for all ages.

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Justin Packman


Monday, June 1, 2009 - 23:00


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