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Teaching Olympism in Barbados


Teaching Olympism in Barbados

Michael Thomas Kwiatkowski reflects on his experience of teaching Olympic values, lessons learned and the importance of teamwork and partnerships in the field of S&D

by Michael Thomas Kwiatkowski

Integrating Olympic Values into people's lives

Working alongside educators, administrators, coaches and athletes from all walks of life, my objective has been to promote the Olympic Movement and cultivate the Barbadian Olympic Education program. By promoting the core values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect, they can become infused into society and furthermore, impact people to lead to a fuller and emotionally richer life.


Enhancing Olympic pedagogy in Barbados

The work being done at the Olympic Academy in Barbados has enhanced its capacity by producing a student membership program.  In addition, we extended museum tours incorporating the administration, former and current athletes as well as a session with the Regional Anti-Doping Organisation. During my time here, it was important to stimulate a more solid partnership between the Paralympic and Olympic associations, witnessing a progressive swing of support for the only London 2012 Barbadian Paralympic Athlete, David Taylor.

I lead the collaborative project called the “Introduction to Olympic Studies Vol. 1” a resource manual for physical education teachers. This will be used to enhance Olympic pedagogy, leading to more involved trips to the Olympic center.


The importance of teamwork in the field of S&D

My role as a Capacity Support Officer reflects how “Sport for Development” is a team effort, and working together only improves the chances of success. The key stakeholders of this program are Commonwealth Games Canada, Commonwealth Games Federation, Olympic Solidarity, and in my particular case, the Barbados Olympic Association. 

I am combining my resources from the International Olympic Academy and the National Olympic Academy of Barbados to support these initiatives. Therefore, these partnerships exemplify how Olympism and the Olympic Movement continue to advance when organisations work together, towards a common interest.

Michael Thomas Kwiatkowski is currently working for the Olympic Academy of Barbados. Alongside, he is a Masters student in the International Olympic Academy



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