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Tobacco ban announced at UEFA EURO 2016


Tobacco ban announced at UEFA EURO 2016

The UEFA European Football Championship in France will be tobacco-free.

UEFA have announced a “Tobacco-Free” policy prohibiting smoking across all internal and external areas of the ten French stadiums staging UEFA EURO 2016 matches from 10 June to 10 July next year. As part of the UEFA Respect your Health programme, next summer’s tobacco-free EURO policy will go one step further than at any other of UEFA’s previous tournaments. Volunteers and stewards will be trained to make sure that spectators are appropriately informed of the policy and the need to comply with it at all times. Any person using tobacco or e-cigarette products once they have passed through the turnstiles will be asked to stop.

Why tobacco-free stadia? Tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of premature death and chronic disease around the globe, and causes over 700,000 deaths in Europe every year. The primary reason why smoking will not be allowed during the UEFA European Football Championship is to protect fans and staff from the dangers of “second-hand smoke” - a direct cause of disease, disability and death. Secondary reasons include setting a good example to young people, minimising any fire hazards presented by tobacco use, and contributing to a tournament promoting health and enjoyed by all.

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