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Traditional Bangladeshi sports festival held at Khulna, Bangladesh

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Traditional Bangladeshi sports festival held at Khulna, Bangladesh

A traditional Bangladeshi Sports Festival was held at Betaga, Bagerhat, Khulna on 23 to 25 October 2018 with the slogan of "Our Culture is our Pride, Our Sport is our Identity".

The organsiation Sports for Hope and Independence (SHI) believes that a person without the knowledge of their own history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

Traditional games are chiefly played in rural areas of Bangladesh and are passed along from one generation to another. Such games are played for physical exercise and entertainment, at times in a competitive environment.

They say change is the only constant in life, and if you have grown up in Bangladesh, you have lived long enough to witness change on an unprecedented level. Games like “Shat-chara,” “Tilo-Express,” “Dariabanda,” “Rumal Chor” and “ Ha Du Du ” kept people engaged, entertained us and taught some of the most invaluable lessons in socialising firsthand. It is indeed sad but true that those games we once loved to play have met their end as we grew up. Sports for Hope and Independence believe that this is the duty of all the Bangladeshi adults to introduce these traditional sports to the youth and children.  

Traditional Bangladeshi Sports
  • Ha-du-du (game of tag)

This game, which now enjoys the status of the national game, is popular across the country. It is played by both children and adults, in two teams of about 10 players. A court is outlined on the ground measuring 20 feet x 30 feet. The teams station themselves on each side of the court. When the game starts, one player, taking a deep breath and making a continuous sound, darts forward into the rival players’ side and tries to touch as many players as he can without losing his breath. If he succeeds in getting back to his side, the players he has touched ‘dies’. The team that has touched the most players wins.

  • Satchara 

Satchara (seven tiles) a team game with an equal number of players on both sides, played with seven potsherds or flat stones. The stones are placed one on another. A player of one team stands ten to twelve feet away and tries to dismantle the tower of stones by throwing a rubber or tennis ball towards it. The players of the other team try to set it up again while the player who had thrown the ball now tries to hit them with the ball. If she succeeds in hitting a player, the player is out.

  • Knamachhi (blind bee)

This is played by both boys and girls. One player has a scarf tied round his or her eyes. The others move like ‘bees’ around the ‘blind’ player. The bees lightly strike the blind player, reciting the rhyme: kanamachhi bhon bhon, yake pabi take chon (Oh buzzing blind bee! Touch us if you can!). The blind player tries to catch or tag one of the bees, responding with the verse: Andha gondha bhai, amar dos nai (I’m blind, don’t blame me if I bump against you). The player tagged by the ‘blind’ player plays the blind bee in the next round.


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