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Training others changes you


Training others changes you

Indian youngsters reflect on training adults at Nadal Educational and Tennis School (NETS). An experience that shaped them significantly. 

A look back at how ‘Train the Volunteers in Tennis (TVT)’ programme at Nadal Educational and Tennis School (NETS) has fared during its tenure of the last nine months and what two of the young trainers felt while organising the TVT.

Anantapur Sports Academy spoke with N. Dadapeer and P. Hari Kishore, the senior most members of the group of youngsters who took on TVT as a new learning challenge.

How was your experience as a TVT coach?
Long hours of session planning on how and what to coach. It seemed very difficult till we began our sessions. However, the volunteers we were supposed to coach unknowingly helped us greatly. We saw TVT as an opportunity to improve not only our self-esteem but our English vocabulary and communication as well.

How different was it for you as a player and a coach?
Both roles are poles apart. As players we tend to think of the game in one narrow perspective but as coaches we realised we needed to think about the game with a wider perspective. As coaches, we realised everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and adaptability is key to each session while being patient with everyone we coach. We realised we had a far greater responsibility as a coach than as a player. Keeping that in mind, we needed to innovate in the planning and conduct of our sessions.

What is the difference coaching children vs. adults?
Both have their pros and cons. But the communication and training are very different for each session. Communicating with children is easier than with adults as we lack a command over the English language. However training the adults becomes easier because we can tell them how things are done and they tend to learn quicker but with the children we need to be a little more patient.

Do you think these nine months of TVT have helped you in anyway?
We learnt to plan better and be organized in life. We improved our communication skills, and are now better co-ordinated. We developed an innovative approach for regular sessions too. While coaching, we realised our own mistakes and gradually learnt from them. We interacted with many volunteers from different walks of life, whom we consulted for career advice too.

Coordinator with NETS, Xisco Mercadal, added: “These boys now have more control on their sessions and have built their self-confidence over time. They have done so while training about a total of 60 volunteers since the TVT began.”

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