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Training workshop for grassroots coaches to impart sporting values through fun games

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Training workshop for grassroots coaches to impart sporting values through fun games

Pro Sport Development delivered a fun games training workshop for grassroots coaches of Anantapur Sports Academy in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh to assist them in imbibing sporting values and developing basic motor skills of the children they work with.

A one-day fun games training workshop was delivered by Pro Sport Development (PSD) for a total of 52 grassroots football, cricket and hockey coaches from Anantapur Sports Academy, in two batches on the 13 and 16 October 2017. The workshop provided coaches with the knowledge and practical understanding of delivering fun games within their programmes and sessions. The focus was on imbibing sporting values in the participating children, as well as helping them to master various basic motor skills or fundamental movement skills (FMS) through these games.

The training workshops provided coaches a handbook on various fun games based on different sports and FMS,  with a special focus on the values of leadership, teamwork, camaraderie, communication, equality and fair play. Discussions were held to identify these values, why they are important for children in their sporting and holistic development as well as recognise how the coaches themselves display these values. 

Practical sessions were also conducted by the PSD trainers to ensure the coaches understood the various steps involved in conducting the games effectively, while also enjoying the games by participating in them themselves. Special emphasis was placed on linking the learning outcomes of the games with progressions and recap questions, to assist the children in taking away crucial learnings from the games. Thereafter, the grassroots coaches delivered a few of the games themselves, while the PSD trainers provided them with feedback on their delivery.

N. Dadapeer, a young tennis coach, enjoyed the training thoroughly and felt that these games would benefit greatly the children he works with. He said, “Through the training workshop, we tried out different fun games and we realised that [they are] quite engaging and creative, so it will be even better for the children at our centre.

M. Anjali Devi, a young football coach at Kalyandurg in Anantapur district, felt that this workshop was required for their development as coaches. She said, “The workshop was important as it is a good tool for the coaches to use for team building and confidence for both girls and boys.”


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