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TT4 Inclusion with Refugees

TT4 Inclusion with Refugees

Popular, universal and inclusive have been the three pillars of the World Table Tennis Day since its first edition in 2015.

Popular, with 63,000 enthusiasts taking part in more than 150 events in 2015 and 90,000 people in 579 events in 2018.

Universal, as every edition has seen the ability for Table tennis to bring people together from different countries, culture and social background.

Inclusive, has been represented through para table tennis, as well as the integration of other minorities who face discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, social background or origin.

The power of table tennis

Because of social crises, civil war or natural hazards, many people are forced to leave their countries to look for a safe place for them and their families to live. Beginning a new life with limited resources, in a country with a different culture and language may seem for many as a big enough change in itself. The added struggle of refugees and immigrants is discrimination, making their already uncertain future arduous, filled with limited hope for integration.

Governments and non-governmental organisations often try to implement programmes for integration, but the table tennis community can also make a contribution which can have a big impact on refugees: by using the power of table tennis to break down barriers.

TT4Inclusion with Refugees on 2018 World Table Tennis Day

This year the main event of the World Table Tennis Day was at the Za’atari Refugee Camp at the Jordan Border with Syria. Concurrently, it was the launching of the ITTF Dream Building with Refugees project, which uses table tennis as a vehicle for social change.

There were also events for refugees in other parts of the world: Ouaga, Burkina Faso; Brisbane, Australia and Paris, France. Not only did these events include immigrants and refugees, they also involved the general public to create an environment of fun and inclusion.

Schools, universities and centres were examples of venues, which gathered more than 150 people. One of these venues held the event “TT for refugees”, by PingSansFrontieres, in Paris, which took part in a non-governmental organisation’s centre, which offers shelter to refugees. The objective of the event was to bring refugees to table tennis and create a partnership with a table tennis club close to the centre.

Organising TT4Inclusion with Refugees on 2019 World Table Tennis Day

2019 World Table Tennis Day is the perfect opportunity to continue this legacy and organise an event to promote inclusion of refugees in your town, city or even your country!

Reasons to organise a “TT4 Inclusion with Refugees” event:
  • Table tennis is a universal language, so you just need a table, two rackets, a ball and people eager to have a good time
  • Table tennis is not all about competition, it can be a chance to learn a new sport and have fun
  • Table tennis is the perfect sport to connect with new people and make friends

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