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UEFA and FARE say “no to racism”

UEFA and FARE say “no to racism”

UEFA will stand together with FARE in saying "no to racism," by using this weeks round of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

UEFA will join the 2,000 plus activities taking place during FARE Action Weeks, in over 42 different countries, under the theme 'Football People'. UEFA will use this weeks round of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches across Europe to say “no to racism”.

"No to Racism"

A 30-second "No to Racism" giant screen advert will be shown and tannoy announcements will be made before each game. Every team will be accompanied onto the pitch by children wearing “Unite Against Racism” T-shirts and the captains will be asked to wear a “Unite Against Racism” branded armband.

Highlighting this through these prestigious competitions is an opportunity to reject racism and discrimination and reach out to thousands watching in the stadium and million more watching on television.

Collaboration and Partnership

UEFA President, Michel Platini, spoke of his support for the FARE Action Week: “I am proud to be part of the “Football People” campaign which highlights UEFA’s commitment to tackling discrimination in football in partnership with the FARE network. For over 10 years, we have worked side by side the FARE network on what is a central pillar in European football and will continue to strive towards a respect for diversity in the game.” Grants from FARE were offered to over 100 grassroots initiatives thanks to UEFA’s support.

The executive director of FARE, Piara Powar, said: “The “Football People” Action Weeks unite community groups, fans, small clubs and top UEFA club competitions. Together we are sending out a strong and decisive message against discrimination”.

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Monday, October 17, 2011 - 23:00

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