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UEFA launch EURO 2016 eco-calculator


UEFA launch EURO 2016 eco-calculator

In collaboration with Climate Friendly, UEFA have launched an eco-calculator allowing attendees of EURO 2016 to estimate the environmental impact of their travel to the events. They are then offered the opportunity to offset this impact.

In June next year the UEFA EURO 2016 football tournament will take place in France. This tournament will see twenty-four national teams from across Europe contest the third largest sporting event in the world after the Football World Cup and the Olympics.

Over two million spectators will travel to ten stadiums around France to attend matches and many, many more will watch from special UEFA Fan Zones and their televisions across the world.

UEFA have a strong commitment to respecting the environment, so ensuring that their events and operations are sustainable is a key focus. UEFA have worked with Climate Friendly since 2007 to help measure and offset their emissions. For EURO 2016 Climate Friendly was successful in a bid to deliver an eco-calculator for UEFA.

This eco-calculator is a website which provides spectators with a fun and engaging way to measure the climate impact caused by their travel from home to the various tournament venues.

The eco-calculator is available in three languages; English, French and German and uses innovative mapping and emissions measurement techniques to educate spectators about how their choice of travel method can significantly alter environmental impact.

Also incorporated into eco-calculator is an option for spectators to offset their travel emissions by supporting the Prony & Kafeate Wind Project.

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