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UEFA Respect Inclusion campaign showcases disability sport

UEFA Respect Inclusion campaign showcases disability sport

Blind and partially sighted players demonstrated their skills ahead of the EURO 2012 quarter-final between Germany and Greece, as part of UEFA’s Respect Inclusion campaign.

UEFA’s Respect Inclusion campaign

The Gdansk football stadium was the showcase for a game between blind and partially sighted footballers. The five a-side game took place ahead of the Germany and Greece quarter-final, as part of UEFA’s Respect Inclusion campaign. The showcase highlighted that blind and partially-sighted players can equally share the pleasures of playing football.

The CROSS association
The two teams were formed of footballers from the CROSS association, which for the past two years has been involved in football. The association aims to develop and promote sports and physical activity among both blind and partially sighted children and youth. There are currently two teams in Poland.

Respect campaign received distinguished support
Andrzej Szarmach, the former Polish international striker and Olympic medalist thanked UEFA, by stating “Many thanks to UEFA, which allowed these athletes to play in such wonderful stadiums at such a special time like the quarter-final of the European Championship

Szarmach went on “Let's give these guys a chance to fulfil their dreams…it's very important to show supporters and athletes alike that disabled people can participate in sports activities and be a part of football just like anyone else. By showcasing and celebrating disabled athletes, they become a part of EURO 2012

Joanna Mucha, the Poland sports minister also expressed his support for people with disabilities, by stating “We are at the heart of the biggest sports event in Europe...These emotions and the great atmosphere affect everyone. Everyone knows that sport integrates. When I was a teenager I worked as a volunteer with people with disabilities. Now I support athletes who impress with passion and devotion.”

Quarter-finals showcasing disability sport
The final two-quarter-finals also showcased games for people with disabilities. On Saturday, the National Association of People with Disabilities staged a seven a-side game for deaf players in Donetsk. Additionally, on Sunday, the Olympic Stadium in Kyiv hosted a game for people with locomotive disabilities.

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