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The University for Peace Partners with Peace and Sport

The University for Peace Partners with Peace and Sport

Monaco, 26 November 2009 – During the 3rd Peace and Sport International Forum that is currently taking place in Monaco, (25-27 November) “Peace and Sport, l’Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport” and the University for Peace (UPEACE) today announced that they have signed a Partnership Agreement.

This unprecedented collaboration will underpin the emphasis that the UPEACE curriculum places on teaching and analysing the influence of sport in conflict resolution and in peace consolidation throughout the world.

The University for Peace, based in Costa Rica, is a first-rate international institution. It teaches tomorrow’s decision-makers to understand the threats and obstacles to world peace. It stimulates cooperation and diplomacy that help to promote inter-cultural understanding, tolerance and respect for Human Rights.

Peace and Sport works in all areas of the world to put the values and practice of sport at the service of education, dialogue, social stability and the reconciliation of divided communities. One benefit of the partnership will enable the two organizations to set up a training program for graduates of UPEACE.

Each year, Peace and Sport will grant internships to graduates of UPEACE, who can then benefit from practical education about the central role of sport in the resolution of conflicts and the process of social reconstruction. 

John J. Maresca, Rector of UPEACE said:

"At UPEACE we are well aware of the unique value of sports for reaching young people and making them aware of universal values such as respect for other individuals and cultures, playing by rules, and settling differences without violence. 

'''The use of sports for communicating these values is particularly valuable with young people who have no other references, or no responsible adults to show them the way.  Under-privileged youth can learn key lessons in life through sports.  We teach about sports with this in mind, and are therefore delighted to establish a partnership with Peace and Sport, an organization which shares our views

Peace and Sport, added:
"Through the federating values and the ordered environment it offers, structured sport is a recognised instrument to alleviate inter-community tension, to promote social stability and to encourage rapprochement of nations. We are honoured and proud of this partnership that unites Peace and Sport and UPEACE. 

'''This partnership will enable future diplomatic leaders and researchers to better understand the enormity of the role that sport can play to contribute to sustainable peace, so that they will consider to a greater extent in their vocations."


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009 - 23:00

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