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Using football to raise awareness of plastic waste in the environment

Using football to raise awareness of plastic waste in the environment

X-SUBA Sport4Development Uganda

How will you be celebrating IDSDP 2020?

X-SUBA Sport4Development Uganda will be launching the recycle2engage learning challenge where our coaches and our supporters are called upon to create models that can aid learning made from recyclable materials. This initiative is under the "kapiira ka kaveera" project that is using football to raise awareness on the negative effects of improper disposal of plastic waste to the environment. These activities will be carried forth in Jinja-Uganda communities after the pandemic COVID 19 threat is gone. Models can be shared online on social media and these will be replicated by our coaches planned to benefit 36 classrooms and over 3,240 students fostering learning in Ugandan primary schools where lecture and rote memorisation styles of teaching dominate.

What does 6 April mean to you?

For us IDSDP is a continued reminder to the world that the contribution of sport cannot be ignored in promoting social, political and economic development of any community. We also celebrate IDSDP to reflect on the milestones achieved using sport in empowering and educating young people in Ugandan communities since we started our initiatives.

Visit the X-SUBA Sport4Development Uganda Facebook page for more information.


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Monday, April 6, 2020 - 17:13

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