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Video: NubAbility - Encouraging courage through sport


Video: NubAbility - Encouraging courage through sport

See for yourself how NubAbility Athletics Foundation sets the bar in encouraging courage and confidence through sport.

Serving kids who are congenital or traumatic amputees that want to compete in mainstreamed athletics, we mentor NubAbility kids to succeed without a fear of failure. We have already been there and done that!

Our all-volunteer coaching staff features over 40 accomplished limb-different athletes that coach limb-different kids in over 15 sports at NubAbility Athletics All Sport Summer Camp in July and one-day #dontneed2 Sport Specific Clinics across the United States.

We are led by founder & head coach Samuel Kuhnert who hosts this camp in his hometown of DuQuoin, Illinois.

Sam is a former one-handed collegiate baseball pitcher and current college pitching coach.

Watch this video to see young athletes build courage and confidence through sport. 

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