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Video: We Are Who We Become - Byron


Video: We Are Who We Become - Byron

We Are Who We Become is a campaign that uses videoclips, a website and a book to promote the role of sport in empowering young people and encourages organisations to use sport as a tool for development. This is Byron's story.

Byron (18) is a very energetic speed biker. Ever since he learned how to ride a bike, he has been hooked on cycling. Sport has turned his life around.

The teenager from Steenberg used to have frequent encounters with the police, but has managed to stay out of trouble for several months now. Byron decided to only stay at home in his room, at school or on his bike. Nothing else. It keeps him safer.

Byron is an active member of a cycling club that aims to give youth at risk and alternative to crime and gangsterism. The club provides lessons in personal responsibility and achievement to its members through the development of practical skills and the simple act of having fun. To them the bike is a healthy alternative to the street.

‘We Are Who We Become’ is a campaign by International Sports Alliance, Right To Play The Netherlands, KNVB Worldcoaches and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs that celebrates the power of sport for development. Because sport unites young people around the world and helps them build their future.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015 - 09:11