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VIKTRE & pro athletes from around the world to launch power for Puerto Rico

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VIKTRE & pro athletes from around the world to launch power for Puerto Rico

The world’s largest online platform for pro athletes, eight world class players and friends are launching an awareness and crowdfunding campaign to bring sustainable solar power to Puerto Rico.

VIKTRE, the world’s largest online platform for pro athletes is working to connect, collaborate, and use itsinfluence to raise awareness and drive action around their personal interests and goals beyond sports. The organisation is joining forces with a diverse roster of athletes from across the globe for the VIKTRE Challenge - Power for Puerto Rico, the social network’s first ever crowdfunding campaign. This initiative is part of a comprehensive project to restore energy to Puerto Rico, where only half the island has access to electrical power.

Proof points are needed across the country to respond to the devastation of Hurricane Maria which took place in September. Such points already exist on a smaller scale, such as the 475 kWh Del Niño Children’s Hospital which uses Tesla solar power.

The campaign is running from 22 January to 22 February, in collaboration with VIKTRE and the local Puerto Rico-based nonprofit, the Foundation for Puerto Rico. In addition, eight athletes are contributing to the cause by rallying their fans and other fellow athletes to crowdfund for more solar energy solutions, such as Tesla Powerpack, to be installed in Puerto Rico.

The current athletes on board are current MLS and former Spanish footballer player David Villa, Brazilian footballer Kaká, Puerto Rican Hall of Fame tennis player Gigi Fernández, most decorated Winter Olympian Apolo Ohno, Brazilian F1 driver Rubens Barrichello, WWE Superstar Sheamus, former Packer and Jaguar NFL great Don Davey and Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame NFL great Nick Lowery.

I took a trip to Puerto Rico in December,” shared Villa, who owns several kids’ soccer camps on the island. “The people are very close to my heart. After visiting the Del Niño Children’s Hospital, and seeing the positive impact solar power is having there, I want the world to know how important it is to help rebuild Puerto Rico.”

Other athletes who have visited the island such as Davey have commented on the need for more sustainable power:

Losing power in Florida is typically a minor inconvenience,” said Davey. “When it happens, we break out the flashlights, candles, and play board games for a day or two until our lives return to normal. But people in Puerto Rico have been living without power for months with no fresh water, hospitals or schools. For them, this isn’t a minor inconvenience, it is literally a matter of life and death. It was amazing to see firsthand how quickly, cleanly, and cheaply solar energy is able to restore power to pockets of the island. The VIKTRE Challenge is all about allowing these people to resume their normal lives.”

The campaign will pit athletes against each other in a friendly competition, while giving fans the opportunity to interact, donate and potentially meet their favorite players, as part of the campaign. If the fundraising goal is met, several micro grids will be installed, resulting in sustainable, storm resistant power at scale for Puerto Rico.


VIKTRE is the largest online community for pro athletes to connect, collaborate, and use their influence to raise awareness and drive action around their personal interests and goals beyond sports. Using the VIKTRE platform, more than 1,000 athletes around the world engage with fans, build their personal brands, and create and share original content with values-aligned stakeholders.

About the Foundation for Puerto Rico

The Foundation for Puerto Rico is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, go-to, give-to foundation that is connected, and dedicated to driving a future for Puerto Rico with a focus on driving smart infrastructure change. Turning devastation into opportunity, the organisation is laying the groundwork for a better Puerto Rico through immediate relief efforts for future growth with a focus on resiliency, sustainability and economic viability.


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