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Virgin Sport eliminates plastic from all races

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Virgin Sport eliminates plastic from all races

The climate crisis calls for action on all fronts. Virgin Sport is changing their practices to take climate action.

Virgin Sport says it has successfully removed all single-use plastic from its three UK races across London and Oxford.

The organisation says that the Hackney Half, ASICS London 10k and the Oxford Half races have all eliminated single-use plastic bottles - up to 500,000 across all three events - and replaced 25,000 plastic kit bags with cotton tote bags.

The initiative is part of Virgin Sport’s pledge to create eco-friendly mass-participation events. 

The brand also claims to be the first sport events company in the UK to implement 100% recyclable cups. A deal with JUST Water, owned by Will and Jaden Smith, saw the brand’s water cartons provided at the race finish line, while water was also given out in 100% recyclable cups at water stations along the route of the Oxford Half in October, eliminating 65,000 single-use plastic for that one event alone.

Earlier this year, Ian Allerton, race director, Virgin Sport said of the initiative: “Virgin Sport has committed to eliminate single use plastic bottles at aid stations for all our 2019 events. We are proud that the Hackney Half 2019 was the largest race in the UK to move away from single use plastic bottles.”


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Monday, October 21, 2019 - 09:49