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A walk for peace in Colombia


A walk for peace in Colombia

Futbol con Corazon is leading a peaceful walk through the neighbourhoods where the programme participants live.


On 6 April we will carry out a peaceful walk along the communities where we have presence with our children carrying white boards with messages explaining how soccer and sport have positively influenced their lives and their community. The walk will be 20 minutes long and afterwards we will arrive to the community’s soccer fields and play a symbolic game of “Soccer for Peace”, our teaching methodology which encourages teamwork, gender equality, peace and social inclusion.

The IDSDP is one of our most important dates, since FCC is a social enterprise which our mission is to teach life skills and values to prepare the young take better decisions in life through the power of soccer. We seek to alleviate poverty by encouraging gender equality, promote team work, teach peaceful resolution of conflicts and supporting social inclusion. Our core themes are based on four values: tolerance, solidarity, respect and honesty.

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Samuel Azout


Sunday, April 3, 2016 - 23:00