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WAVES for Development pays tribute to Peruvian women

WAVES for Development pays tribute to Peruvian women

WAVES for Development has released the trailer for Mujer Mar, a participatory documentary highlighting the women of Lobitos, a Peruvian surfing town.

Mujer Mar (Ocean Women) is a participatory documentary produced in Lobitos, Peru, in 2013. Lobitos is best known for surfing. It has been the site of multiple women's surfing events as part of the professional circuit organised by the Association of Surfing Professionals.

Mujer Mar is the second documentary done with community members from this surfing town and WAVES for Development. Produced in an intensive two-week participatory photo and video workshop, both documentaries are an opportunity for expression,  inspiration, a chance to revalue the local customs and to create links in the community both directly and indirectly through surfing.

The first documentary with a participatory approach, Desde el Mar, highlights the fishermen and teenagers who surf in the area. It speaks about tradition and new customs, how they co-exist in the same community and how new generations value their customs.

Mujer Mar, on the other hand, is a tribute to all the women living in Lobitos, a community nestled along the ocean in northern Peru. It is a channel for expression for the women who made it, and a message to all in the community and elsewhere. A portrait of women that work, that sell, that clean, that cook, provide and take care of their loved ones and the surfers who visit.

Visit the Waves for Development website for more information on Mujer Mar

About WAVES for Development

WAVES for Development believes surf travel should benefit the people and communities where it happens. They create life enriching experiences through education programmes that develop youth into healthy and empowered adults and surf voluntourism programmes that engage travelers and transform their views of the world and themselves. Their community-based programmes promote:

  • Cultural exchange and understanding
  • Environmental conservation
  • Life skills/healthy living
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable tourism

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